Having the right tools in front of you always makes a job move faster (and run more smoothly). That can be said of most any project you take on: construction work, automotive repairs or (in our case) packaging products for shipping. We like to call those tools entry level automation—gadgets that are designed to streamline and speed up your packing efforts. And since we’ve talked about kraft tape dispensers and bag openers before, now we’re going to cover one of our absolute favourites: the edgeboard cutter.

First, what exactly is edgeboard?

Edgeboard (also known as angleboard, cornerboard or edge protectors) is a secondary packaging supply made from wood, layered or laminated paper, or even plastic. It reinforces and strengthens the corners (or edges) of a stacked pallet, keeping things in place and hoping to prevent product loss or damage.

It’s manufactured in long lengths that are folded lengthwise at a 90°-degree angle, and can be cut to fit the height or width needed to secure a pallet shipment. As they’re often a dense material and very strong, cutting them cleanly or easily can present a challenge. This is where an edgeboard cutter comes in handy.

So, how does an edgeboard cutter work?

As you can see in the picture above, an edgeboard cutter is a lever-based tool that reduces the effort needed to cut edgeboard—which in turn speeds up your packing efforts. With one pull of the cutting arm, two angled blades are simultaneously brought down on the edgeboard, severing it in one clean and level guillotine-style cut.

Its compact and lightweight design means the cutter can be mounted to a surface or moved around the warehouse as needed. An included locking mechanism can prevent the use of the cutter by untrained employees, and protective plates near the blades help avoid hand injuries made possible by other unsafe cutting methods (hello, scissors and utility knives!).

Who benefits from using an edgeboard cutter?

If your warehouses are constantly assembling stacked pallets for shipping or storage, they can see a huge increase in productivity and safety from using an edgeboard cutter. You’ll still need to measure the lengths required, but instead of trying to wrangle a long piece of edgeboard while cutting it clean and straight (and without harming yourself!), one pull of the cutting arm will do most of the work for you.

What pairs well with edgeboard and an edgeboard cutter?

Stretch wrap (also known as stretch film) and a wrap dispenser. Winding the film all around an edgeboard-protected pallet is the preferred way to secure said edgeboard. It not only keeps it in place, but it again adds to the strength, protection and security of the pallet shipment.

Want to see the edgeboard cutter in action? Watch this video.

We’re big fans of any tools that make your packing efforts faster and safer to complete, and that’s why The Packaging Company is proud to carry a wide variety of entry level automation gadgets. They’re an investment, for sure, but one that we believe will only benefit your business and its future.