How Can I Make Custom Packaging For My Small Business?

The packaging of a product creates the first impression for customers, if the packaging appeals to a customer, it will create a positive impact.
Packaging is more than just a cardboard box as it’s an essential aspect of the brand identity.

Custom packaging can be used as an influential marketing tool while providing better protection for the products inside.

Custom packaging also allows you to design and print logos, pictures, shapes and patterns on the boxes and other packaging materials.
Packaging is a crucial part of customer experience, especially for e-commerce retailers.

As a small business, you can take advantage of custom packaging and design custom boxes to ship your products safely while creating a brand identity in the eyes of your customers.

Custom packaging can also help you build a loyal customer base while establishing sustainability and creditability.

The Packaging Company offers reliable packaging solutions such as custom boxes, mailers, tape, office supplies and much more to help you create a striking packaging design for your products.

Benefits of Using Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is an integral part of your brand’s identity.

Here’s how you can benefit from using custom boxes for shipping:

Enhanced Protection for Your Products

With custom packaging, your products stay protected during delivery and shipment.

Fragile items or other products with a unique shape, which are vulnerable to shipping, may benefit from custom packaging as standard shipping boxes may not offer the type of protection these products require.

You can customize the shape and size of your packaging to suit the products to be delivered.

The options of padding and snug fit, in custom packaging offer added protection required for transporting fragile items.

Acts as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Whether you want to present your products as high-end and premium or cheerful and mysterious, custom packaging can help you display your products in any way you desire.

With a skillfully planned combination of colors and accurate placement of logos, your customized product packaging can outshine others in the market.

Depending on the product type and target segment, you can use custom packaging as a powerful marketing tool to build your brand awareness in the market.

The packaging is almost as essential for branding as the product itself, and you can design your packaging to reflect your brand’s personality.

Sets Your Business Apart

No matter what type of products you sell, you can make your business stand apart in the market with custom packaging.

If you are a small business owner, custom packaging can help you outshine your competitors and attract customers to your business.

Designing attractive custom boxes that reflect your business’s mission and the type of products sold can help you create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

More people now focus on the product packaging and analyze the product quality through its packaging. The product packaging also influences consumer behavior significantly, so custom packaging can help positively influence your target consumers’ perception of your brand.

Reduction in Shipping Costs

Many small business owners may be unaware that custom packaging is more cost-effective than standard pre-made packaging.

The savings in shipping costs may not occur immediately, but they add up significantly over time. If you have lightweight or small products, you can end up saving considerable shipping costs with custom boxes.

Premade boxes may not be appropriate for your products, and you may end up paying more for the extra weight of unnecessary packing.

Custom boxes are made according to the size of your products so you can ship the products in an appropriately sized box. With custom packaging, you don’t have to pay for any extra packaging weight, which in turn helps you save on shipping charges.

Eco-friendly Alternative

The increasing awareness of climate and environmental crises has driven businesses to opt for sustainable products and packaging.

Due to the increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers, eco-friendly packaging has gained massive popularity in the past few years.

A study shows that 35% of consumers are willing to purchase a higher cost product if it is more eco-friendly than the other less expensive ones. Eco-friendly packaging options use fewer materials, which makes it a more cost-effective solution for packing your products.

The more environment-friendly your packaging is, the more attractive, respected and desirable it will be among your current and potential customers.

Types of Custom Products

You can choose from the wide variety of custom products available at The Packaging Company.

No matter the type and shape of products you sell, The Packaging Company can help you design custom boxes and mailers to make their shipment easier and more secure.

Below is a sample of the custom packaging solutions offered by The Packaging Company:

Visit our custom shop to view our full line of custom packaging solutions.

Custom packaging can help you explore endless opportunities for designing and portraying your brand through the packaging style. It’s worth investing in custom packaging to make your presence felt in the market and create a memorable customer experience.

How Can You Design Your Custom Packaging?

You don’t have to worry about lengthy and time-consuming designing processes as The Packaging Company allows you to design your custom packaging in six easy steps.

Here’s how you can design your custom packaging:

1. Select Your Product

You can start by selecting the type of custom product you want, and it’s essential to understand which type of custom packaging will be suitable for your products.

You can choose among the available custom boxes, colored boxes, custom tapes, mailers, coasters, tissue papers, floor decals or labels and stickers.

You will be able to design and position the artwork or logo only after selecting the product.

2. Select Your Dimensions

After choosing the product, the next step is to select the size and dimensions of the product.

For custom boxes, you can select the length, breadth and height of the box, and these dimensions range from the smallest size of 4x4x3 to 12x10x4, being the largest.

After choosing the dimension, you can see the Right Mailers fit guide, which helps you select the right mailers for your delivery requirement.

3. Select Your Materials

For custom boxes and coffee sleeves, you can choose whether you want to use white material or Kraft material. If your design does not include any white, you can select Kraft material for a more natural look.

4. Design Your Artwork

You can upload and design your packaging using The Packaging Company’s easy-to-use online design tools. For custom branded boxes, you can select the outside color, inside color and design.

The graphics tab has more advanced options to help you create a unique design on your custom packaging, and you can design the background artwork and upload it on the tab.

You can also choose among the available stock artwork and position it on the packaging, or you can choose other graphics options to include a text box with different fonts and panel colors.

5. 3D Preview for Custom Branded Boxes

You can see the finalized design of your custom branded boxes with the 3D preview option.

This way you can see how your final design will look on your custom packaging.

You can change the position or colors as per your liking and save the changes when you are satisfied with the outcome. The 3D preview option helps you visualize how the final product will look.

6. Select Quantity

After designing the custom packaging, you can select the order quantity.

The total amount of the order will be reflected after you select the quantity, and the price per item may decrease as you make bulk purchases.

Once you make payment, your products will enter production and ship when ready (be sure to take note of lead times!).

How Can The Packaging Company Help You?

The Packaging Company is the leading packaging retailer serving the USA and Canada, with a wide variety of packaging supplies, such as mailers and cardboard boxes, we can serve all your packaging needs.

Whether you wish to create a unique and attractive design on your packaging or want to reflect your small business’s philosophy through the packaging, The Packaging Company can serve all your requirements.

You can rely on the short-run and bulk custom packaging solutions offered by The Packaging Company and create personalized packaging in a few simple steps.

When you order from The Packaging Company, you can benefit from the following:

  • Low order minimums suitable for small businesses with limited orders
  • Colorful and vibrant printing to make your packaging stand apart from other brands
  • Easy to use and free online design tools for your convenience
  • Plan your budget with instant quotes as you design your custom packaging

The dedicated team of packaging experts will assist you at every step, and next-day shipping options let you receive your orders with minimal overhead costs. The Packaging Company can support you as you evolve and adapt to your changing business needs as you grow.

Looking for Custom Packaging for Your Business?

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