A great test of a business’s branding is how well it holds up when used across packaging, advertisements and more. If it’s done right (or rather, done well), it creates a wide-reaching look that’s memorable and, unsurprisingly, iconic. Baileys, creator of Baileys Irish Cream, has managed to do just that.

Developed in 1971, Baileys was the result of mixing Irish whiskey from the Gilbeys of Ireland distillery and surplus cream from Express Dairies, both owned by the same company. Its creators, Tom Jago and a trio of consultants named David Gluckman, Hugh Seymour-Davies and Mac McPherson, have been said to claim it “didn’t taste punishing.”

Finally introduced in 1974, it became the first Irish cream on the market and is now regarded as a premium cream liqueur around the world. Since then, Baileys has expanded its product line to include new flavor mixes and some interesting product choices—each maintaining that signature smooth and sweet taste and texture combo.

Interesting fact: Baileys first test formulation used Cadbury’s Powdered Drinking Chocolate to simulate chocolate flavor. It’s since gone on to use cocoa in its mixes.

Baileys Original Irish Cream

Baileys: Original Irish Cream

The original Baileys. The branding that all their other packaging builds from.

Starting with the now-signature black bottle (to shelter the liquid from excess light), Baileys uses red and gold in their design elements to fantastic effect. Setting their name (in white) on a curved field of red and rimming it with a golden border, Baileys places it above a painted image of a river in the Irish countryside.

A golden logomark sits farther up the shoulders of the Baileys bottle—a stylized letter B mirrored with itself, designed to look like a shamrock transforming into Gaelic lettering. And finally, the bottle is finished with a gold-rimmed cap. Clearly, presentation is king when it comes to Baileys Irish Cream.

Currently, Baileys has three additional flavors in its lineup. Baileys Orange Truffle is exactly as it sounds, and is ideal as an after-dinner treat. Baileys with a hint of Coffee Flavour takes advantage of a long-coveted use for Baileys: as the perfect addition to a steaming hot cup of everyone’s favorite morning beverage. And finally, Baileys Chocolat Luxe adds Belgian chocolate into its liqueur makeup.

Baileys: 3 New Flavours

Another interesting fact: Baileys derives its name from a local Irish restaurant, and its fictional signature is inspired by the Bailey’s Hotel in London, England.

Baileys Iced Coffee Cans

Baileys: Iced Coffee Cans

It’s common practice to add a liqueur like Baileys to coffee on weekend mornings. So, it’s no surprise Baileys itself would take advantage of such a popular drink. Baileys Iced Coffee takes the flavor profiles of lattes and mochas and creates a liqueur-coffee mix that’s best served cold.

In keeping with Bailey’s richer looks, the iced coffee cans are infused with reds and golds while adding contemporary shades of brown and tan. They look a little casual, but still feel upscale. It’s an impressive tightrope to walk, and the design does it well.

Baileys Non-Alcoholic Coffee

Baileys: Non-Alcoholic Coffee

After injecting coffee flavors into their liqueur, it was only a matter of time before Baileys stepped into the non-alcoholic market. Keeping a line of ready-to-drink mixes, they added flavored ground coffee and ready-to-brew coffee pods to the collection.

Looking to complement the brand’s main product lines while still making a look for itself, the non-alcoholic products adopted a brighter color palette. Mimicking the appearance of milky-looking coffee and caramel drizzles, this new packaging is right at home in the premium coffee aisles.

Baileys Ice Cream

Baileys: Ice Cream

Made with real Baileys (though it’s kept to 0.5% alcohol), this product line takes the best of Baileys and distills it into both its ice cream and its packaging. Keeping the logo and stylized logomark, the packaging uses deep, rich colors to express just how luxurious anything involving Baileys is.

Starting with vanilla, chocolate and burnt toffee flavors, the ice cream line has since expanded while keeping the subtle and creamy cocoa liqueur taste.

Baileys Luxury Candy

Baileys: Luxury Candy

Operating under the (correct) assumption that liqueurs can improve almost anything, Baileys has extended their line to include premium candy and other confections.

Since Baileys contains hints of cocoa, it only makes sense to inject it into a selection of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate sweets. Packaged up in a box once again featuring the logo and golden logomark, there’s no denying this is a high-end Baileys product. That same sense of richness and luxuriousness flows into their line of luxury (!) fudge.

It also inhabits their premium gift packaging. Check out the design for their holiday chocolate gift set (guess which holiday it’s for!). Now that’s how you make a packaging design that shows off.

Baileys: Luxury Tree

Plenty of businesses stretch their product line without doing the legwork to protect their branding. Baileys, smartly, has never been one of them. Basing every new design around their red, white and gold curved logo, their products never fail to be clad in smart and attractive iconic packaging.

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