Every day, businesses ship millions of customer orders across the country. And whether it’s clothing, electronics, or something handmade, every single one of those orders needs to be packed differently to protect what’s inside. So, when Opeongo Soaps made the move to online selling during the height of the pandemic, owner Tammy Stuart knew she needed to find the right packaging to protect her handcrafted soaps.

Based out of Eganville, Ontario (a few hours northeast of Toronto), Opeongo Soaps specializes in all natural handmade soaps and body care items. And its history is just as interesting as its products.

Who is Opeongo Soaps?

Opeongo Soaps started life in 1997, owned by a lovely couple named Jack and Laurie. When they were ready to set the business aside to retire 20 years later, Tammy approached them about helping keep their product line alive. Being a faithful customer for over 15 years, she had finally found a soap that let her avoid dry, itchy skin during the long winter months.

Seeing a way for their labour of love to continue, Jack and Laurie took Tammy under their wings and showed her the ropes of soap making. Since becoming owner in 2017, she’s expanded the Opeongo line to offer new scents and soap types. And we have to say, they’re impressive.

Goat’s Milk Soaps, made with goat milk sourced from local herders, helps soothe and moisturize itchy skin. Rainwater Soaps use self-collected rainwater which has the perfect PH level and low mineral content for keeping skin clean and clear. And the Everything Soaps line is meant for full-body use—shampoo to toes, as Tammy puts it—and contains unexpected ingredients like beer.

An image collage featuring multiple products from Opeongo Soaps

Opeongo’s product line includes soaps and moisturizers in several pleasing scents.

Moving Opeongo Soaps Online

Opeongo’s health- and eco-conscious customers have always been easy to reach, with Tammy providing a charming and personal touch at farmer’s markets, arts and crafts shows, and small events. But when the pandemic began in early 2020, the restriction of in-person selling presented a problem for such a personable business.

Thankfully, the rise of ecommerce gave Opeongo Soaps the way forward. Opening an online store, Tammy was able re-connect with customers and create new opportunities for her business—including new product lines that are just as smart as her handmade soaps.

Of course, when you move from selling soaps in-person to having them shipped to customers, you encounter a new challenge. How do you protect your creations during their delivery trips?

It’s obvious Tammy pours her heart and soul into Opeongo Soaps. Every bar is smooth to the touch, pleasantly scented, and beautifully shaped. Work like that deserves smart, protective packaging to get it safely into a customer’s excited hands.

Packaging Done the Opeongo Soaps Way

That’s when Tammy found The Packaging Company online. Between her business insight and our packaging suggestions, she created protective and attractive shipping packaging worthy of her soaps.

Indestructo mailers have a great unboxing experience and provide much-needed shipping strength. Their smaller size also helps reduce shipping costs. Inside, Tammy uses kraft crinkle paper or kraft paper sheets to help cradle and protect her handmade merchandise.

Once Tammy became confident in her online selling and shipping skills, she decided it was time to try out a new angle with her customer orders: custom packaging.

Taking her lovely logo and its nature theme, Tammy created a bright and richly colored custom tissue paper. It’s perfect for wrapping up both individual bars of soap and her popular multi-bar Gift Crates, creating an exciting unboxing experience her customers love. Adding custom labels to the mix, Tammy folds and secures her custom tissue paper with a lovely circle of deep forest green.

An image of custom circle labels featuring the Opeongo Soaps logo.

Custom labels are a great way to brand your packaging and build an unboxing experience.

Your E-Commerce Partner

There’s lots of love, pride, and care in everything Opeongo Soaps does. And Tammy’s smart packaging choices ensure her customers feel every ounce of it.

We’re always glad to help unique small businesses keep their products safe and secure. Packaging is something of a passion for us, and we’re thrilled to see our customers thrive and grow. If you’re in need of a packaging solution that meets your needs and builds your brand, be sure to reach out. We’re The Packaging Company, and we’re your e-commerce partner.

Thanks for loving packaging as much as we do, Tammy. And thanks for having Opeongo Soaps be a part of TPC Stories.