What Are Mailing Tubes and What Are They Used For?

When you need to mail a package, what do you usually do? Do you try to repurpose a cardboard box from home only to find it does not fit properly? Or do you go into the post office and end up paying an exorbitant amount?

At The Packaging Company, we can help you figure out exactly what kind of mailer you need. When it comes to mailing paper items, mailing tubes are an ideal choice, however, most people do not realize the variety of shipping tubes that are available.

What Are Mailing Tubes?

Mailing tubes are cardboard cylinders most often used for mailing documents and posters. Tube mailers prevent paper items from getting wrinkled, crushed, or torn during transport.

A larger mailing container such as a box could work, however, these typically cost more and can risk damaging your paper goods.

Mailing tubes are also great for mailing small, delicate items and provide a very confined space so these little items do not bounce around and break.

It is very easy to stuff a small amount of tissue, newspaper, or other recyclable material into the tube along with the items for added protection.

What are Mailing Tubes Made of?

Not all mailing tubes are cardboard, though cardboard is often the main component. Other varieties of poster tubes are reinforced with other materials such as bubble wrap or foam for added protection.

You can also customize your mailing tube. At The Packaging Company, we offer custom stickers and graphics that you can affix to your mailing tubes. You can even use promotional brands and designs. Many aspects of mailing tubes can be customized.

Types of Mailing Tubes

Of all the mailing solutions available today, tube mailers are some of the most protective, without using excessive amounts of packing material. There are a variety of mailing tube sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from.

End Cap Tubes

The type of mailing tube you have probably come across already is the traditional end cap design. The tube is cardboard, however, the ends are sealed with plastic caps that fit just right.

Snap Seal Tubes

Snap seal tube mailers eliminate the need for the end caps. The ends of these tubes fold inward in order to seal the tube and are an ideal method for shipping and storing paper documents, artwork and posters.

Telescoping Tubes

Telescoping mailing tubes expand and shrink to fit the size of your item. They are an excellent option if you need size flexibility for the items you intend to ship.

Triangle Tubes

A triangle shipping tube is shaped like a triangular prism. It arrives flat, which you can then fold together to create a shipping container.

Triangular tubes open along their sides. Some people find them easier to pack and ship than traditional mailing tubes as they are held together with locking tabs, eliminating need for adhesive in order to seal them.

Square Tubes

Square mailing tubes are shaped like a rectangular prism. They open on both ends and have locking tabs to keep them sealed. This type of mailing tube makes it easy to rest the package on flat surfaces without rolling off and are easily stackable.

Everything You Need to Know About Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes are ideal for mailing paper documents, posters, and any other small item you can think of. There are several varieties of shipping tubes available, including end cap, snap seal, telescope, triangle, and square tubes.

For all your packaging and shipping needs, visit The Packaging Company today.