Your 2020 Guide to Great Holiday Gift Packaging

Can you believe the holiday season is only just around the corner? Despite being an unusual year, 2020 is still a cause for celebration with events such as Christmas on their way, even if we will be enjoying the festivities at a distance.

For many businesses in retail, this is the busiest and most important season for sales. With e-commerce becoming the main centerpiece of gift purchases this year, the product packaging that arrives at your customer’s doorstep is now making a bigger impression more than ever. This is even more relevant for gifts, which are now increasingly sent directly to the customer’s recipient in gift wrapped form.

So how can your packaging please both your customer and their gift recipients? In today’s post, The Packaging Company guides you through several tips that will please your customers and spread your brand to new heights with impressive holiday gift packaging.

Pick the Right Color Palette

The holiday season is marked with plenty of color. From vibrant Christmas reds and greens to soft blues and whites for Hanukkah celebrations, incorporating some holiday colors and patterns into your packaging is a simple yet effective way to boost the appeal of your packaging. Not only does it make your customer’s shopping plans easier by offering a ready-to-gift present, but colorful packaging enhances your brand to others and makes it stand out among your competitors.

Uneasy about changing your packaging with a new range of colors? Consider adopting subtle wintry patterns, such as reindeers, trees, and snowflakes. Even the smallest of touches will make customers feel more festive and appreciate your efforts.

Choose Reliable Packaging Materials

Even if your packaging design looks great, it also must deliver the goods. Over the past few years, people have become increasingly reliant on e-commerce and online shopping, with more and more products being shipped through courier services than being bought in store.

This might seem like a minor difference when it comes to sales, but it can play a major role in how effective your customer experience is. Since the holiday season occurs through winter, your products need to not only face a long journey to your customers’ doorstep through transit, but they must also endure the elements and colder temperatures. Whereas businesses could rely on customers to come collect their gifts, e-commerce has put additional pressure on sellers to bring a stellar customer experience directly to their buyers.

Though no seller can guarantee perfect delivery conditions, it is your responsibility to do your best. By partnering up with a supplier of quality packaging materials and choosing a reliable courier, you can rest assured that your customer’s buying experience is being taken good care of. Although choosing cheap and perhaps flimsy packaging might seem justifiable financially, the costs it can bring to your brand’s reputation easily outweigh its benefits.

Customize Your Packaging

Gifts are time to make others feel special and your customers are no exception to that rule. When buying gifts online for their friends and family, customers want to offer them something that truly stands out to them.

As well as making a product feel special, custom packaging is a great way to expand your brand reach. Spruce up your brand with a special holiday design. Even the most subtle changes, like using custom holiday-themed packaging tape, will make a solid impression on your customer’s doorstep. The customer’s gift recipient will also appreciate these touches and be more inclined to learn more about your brand, especially if you were originally unknown to them.

Make Your Packaging Social Media Friendly

Speaking of expanding your brand reach, it is important to remember just how influenced we are by social media in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic reducing our ability to window shop for holiday gifts, many of us are relying on our social media bubbles to seek out the perfect gifts.

From YouTube unboxing videos to holiday Instas, your products can reach a significant amount of exposure if presented well to influencers in your market. This is where customized or quality packaging comes into play. Influencers, both sponsored and organic, are more likely to respond to and showcase products that are well presented in standout packaging.

Get Quality Holiday Packaging with The Packaging Company

If you are looking for a packaging supplier you can count on for your holiday products, consider The Packaging Company. With a wide range of packaging materials and products available to small and large businesses alike, our packaging solutions are here to help your products shine. Browse our catalog or visit our custom shop to start crafting beautiful packaging that will impress customers and give your business a well-deserved boost this season.